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Vladimir Sukonnik
Boston University Metropolitan College
Computer Science Department
Boston, MA

CS 635 Local Area Networks Spring 1999

Important Dates: (Check This Area Weekly - class cancellations will be posted here)



ATM Bookmarks and Tutorials
Long list of ATM related sites
Raj Jain's web site
References to ATM and FDDI papers and books by a leading researcher
Introduction to Distributed Queue Data Bus
Brief description of DQDB technology
DQDB Physical Layer
High-level description of DQDB's Physical Layer
Simulation study of DQDB
Research Project of the Design and Implementation of a Distributed Queue Dual Bus Network
Digital Technical Journal: FDDI
A number of articles about FDDI from DTJ: vol 3. no. 2
Fibre Channel Association

Computer Networks Track

CS 535: Introduction to Computer Networks
Syllabus, homework assignments, books, papers